Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You. Happy Birthday!

Anirudh Venkat. You know why this picture? You look young. Nice. Paavama. 
AND, *Vikaasa* uniform. :) Btw, is that Raagav next to you?


Okay. What on earth made this guy to go out of his way and console me after elections? Now I am sitting here, trying to figure out a proper birthday gift within the tiniest budget that I have now.

What does this guy like?

Dark side of the moon
Pinky Floyd
Wilbur Sargunaraj(?)

And maybe he'll be happy if I make one crazy nonsense poem especially for him? And it has been ages since I even tried to make one and my vocabulary isn't that great, or great at all. And the black chart card and print outs… Money issues and time issue. And THE match had to be tomorrow! And the hall ticket giving ceremony also had to be tomorrow!!

AND, this guy has to act weird now. The heat, it seems! My foot! Just when I am waiting to get some money to top up for my number and call and yell it off, his birthday would have to come and I have to try to put up my best behaviour and be nice and all. Ha. Anirudh Venkat, you'll so pay for this!!

Batman is the coolest ever, agreed. But hey! I have watched only 2 movies and not read the comic strips and I have not really mugged up any of his lines apart from the one Berty gave me for my election speech. So knowledge here is practically zero.

The dark side of the moon.
I understood *&^$%@#%& out of the lyrics of that song. 

Pink flyobleahd. Rock music. Balh. No, blah. Rolls eyes and half-faints.

Comics. I wish.

CARTOONS!! Yes! Casper. Jetsons. Yogi Bear. Scooby Doo. Top Cat. Swat Cats. Tom & Jerry. Dexter's Laboratory. The Mask. Johnny Bravo. Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Addams family, Atom Ant, The Road-Runner Show, Captain Planet, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Cartoons, Flintstones, Johnny Quest, Richie Rich, Josie and the Pussycats, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Popeye, Powerpuff girls. THIS much I can relate to. But what am I supposed to do with that? Sigh. Major sighs.

Chocolate. Absolutely, chocolate. :) No, I really wish I could get you some nice thing. Like some huge, rich looking stuff I would die for. But the financial problems of India again.

Wilbur Sargunaraj. Okay. He's super cool. Louwe marriage and all. But that's where my profound knowledge of him ends. o.o

Football. Ahem. *Clears throat* Ahemmm. *Clears throat even more loudly*
Erm. Mid-fielder. Goal-ie, umm, centre player?
And how some guy, no, two guys can come and stand in front and the guy dribbling the ball cannot, well, pass it or kick a goal. Something very close to that, I bet. And, they get pretty tired, all those people on the field if they keep running across the field throughout the game. So they split and stand and well, kick the ball. And if it is near the goal-ie, quite surely goal, no?

Yes. Best thing in life. 
[You. Are. Yet to take me out. So still no clue which is your favourite. 
No. Everything is your favourite. 
But still.]

So, what do I have in hand?


One BIG sad face. 
One big yelling session pending for all your 15-min scheduled replies and sudden vanishings.
A clueless & bankrupt me.
And my poker face, waiting to wish you a very happy birthday.

P.s: I know I have murdered the descriptions of a lot of things that mean a lot to you. Or probably all the things that mean the most to you. But hey, come on, I tried! I genuinely did.

You. Love you. :)

- Just Someone.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I still remember how many messages I typed and saved in the drafts, erased and re-typed to let you know that I had grown to like you a lot and that I look up to you like a lil' sister would.And then the elections would come to mind and I would throw back my head and decide to wait till all the drama is over.

And then, farewell plans were in the flow and though there were just a few pictures with you in it, I remember my eyes going moist when I included those pictures of Uma and you - the clown costume and the one with both of you sitting on the stairs.

Shailee & I went 'Aww!' as we saw those pictures scroll by, in the video. I remember meeting you for the first time when you were in the 'Scrambler' team and I was gearing up for a ragging session when you smiled at me plainly and said I write well. I remember smiling sheepishly and running away to the main canteen.

And thanks to National Seminar, MUN and Srishti, things have become what they are today. 

I swear I tried to keep the emotions in check but farewell didn't help, really. In fact, I was just talking with a friend a few days before farewell and telling her that I've gotten to love you like a big sister and that it felt so odd and out of place to even think that you wouldn't be around anymore. And I told her that I couldn't get myself into telling you this thing - what with all the election and suspected buttering and ice-potifying et all. All she tells me - I think I know how you feel. Why don't you do what you love the best? Close the call now, go open a fresh word document and type down whatever you feel. Yes, I did do that. But that's how far I got - opening a blank document.

Now that the elections are over, to hell with trying to keep it quiet! 
That pink shirt you were in, sipping rose milk and leaning on the pillar near the audi in front of the union room, tying to be bitchy to us contestants and saying, 'All you pretty faces who missed out campaigning to us, better do it tomorrow!' you have absolutely no idea how hard it was for me to stop laughing and try not to sneak my phone to take a picture of that! 

And more confessions: I was waiting for you to come to the audi before our speeches began. Kept scanning the crowd hoping you were in there somewhere and my first genuine relief came when you stepped into the pit holding some paper in your hand. And I made a note in my mind to look straight at you when I'd be saying, 'As batman says...' I couldn't really wait to hug you after the results were announced, pull you out somewhere and talk for sometime with you. And hear that it is okay and maybe better things are waiting. 

Yes, I'll miss you dearly. Miss working with you and all that midnight and barely-morning messages that you send, saying we have to buckle up and work harder on something, miss your pout, that aww-ish poses and.. :D Okay. I'll miss a lot. 

Stay in Chennai, okay? There's SO much of catching up left. You're the big sister I never had and the big sister I am never going to give up on.

P.s: NO. This post is NOT a crazy deed of adolescence. 
I am writing it in my fair senses only.

Sorry about the randomness in the thoughts and this scribbling.
Words just fail us sometimes.
I louwe you, S-runika.

- Just Someone.